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Friday, June 1, 2012

A330-200 msn 205: Can an aircraft bring bad luck?

As I wrote about the ongoing situation with Batavia Air, and looked up the various news stories on flight delays especially with the airline's A330-200, I couldn't help but remember that one of Batavia's A330-200s, PK-YVJ, is A330 serial number 205, which had spent time with Air Madrid sometime in its career. AirMadrid, was closed down by the Spanish government due to excessive flight delays affecting its passengers on a frequent basis.

I looked up the aircraft's history on Airfleets.net. I was shocked with what I found.

The aircraft was initially delivered to Canada 3000 as C-CGWA, on 29 May 1998. The airline ceased operations on 8 November 2001.

The second operator, Volare Airlines, received the aircraft as I-VLEC on 19 April 2002. As the airline couldn't fix it's dwindling performance, I-VLEC was stored in May 2004 shortly before Volare Airlines ceased operations on 19 November 2004.

Before Volare Airlines ceased operations, I-VLEC was delivered to Air Madrid on 13 May 2004 as EC-IYB. Air Madrid ceased operations on 16 December 2006 and EC-IYB was stored in Madrid.

On 13 July 2007, Air Comet took delivery of the aircraft as EC-KIL (easy kill?), but was returned to the lessor in June 2009, 6 months before Air Comet ceased operations.

On 11 January 2010, Batavia Air became 5th airline in 15 years to operate the aircraft, now registered PK-YVJ. The aircraft was taken to be deployed mainly on the Jakarta-Jeddah route.

If this aircraft carries such a bad omen, and that it is rumoured that it will soon leave Batavia Air, will Batavia Air join the fate of this aircraft's previous operators?


  1. I wonder who will be the 6th airline to operate this a/c ....

  2. Bad omen... (Crows are passing by)

  3. Sometimes, I do believe in bad Omen. If there would be an airline that would operate this craft for the 6th time, I hope nothing bad happens.

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  4. D*mn it's true, Y6 is officially bankcrupt yesterday.

  5. So let's see who is the 6th?
    Gerry, I am asking to share this blog. Thanks.

  6. Probably the owner of this frame has something in his mind to scrap this one for all those bad omen? God knows