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Friday, March 16, 2012

The little things that matter. Example #1: PLUNA

After writing "KLM and Social Media - How to really make a difference to your passengers"I thought I'd search around the web for stuff that can really turn around someone's travel experience. Competition, social media, internet, etc, all can reduce travel into a mere means to an end. Unless airlines try to do something to make a difference on the Passenger Experience end, air travel will be nothing more than a commodity.

So, let's go to a little known almost dead state owned airline that made an amazing turnaround by throwing away ego and pride... PLUNA. From political routes and losses, it has focused on providing what passengers want... or at least their version of what they think the passengers want, and a little further.

On December 31st 2010, this is what they did:
Flight 128 from Buenos Aires to Punta del Este, the last flight of the year, and
 PLUNA decided to give something to the passengers.

Nice? Sometimes, it's the little things that matter! Gotta love the body language expression on the passengers!

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