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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Garuda fails at English test?

Language fails continue to plague Garuda!
Despite its bid to go to become a 5-star airline, entry into the SkyTeam alliance, and the amazing turnaround at Garuda, some old habits really die hard. One particular die-hard problem aspect of Garuda is: ENGLISH LANGUAGE!

No, I am not going to mention the "cabin crew English", whose correctness from real English truly depend on your seniority combined with the "I have doing this been 20 years, do you know what newbie?" mentality (in case you're wondering, "I have been doing this for 20 years, what do you know newbie?"). It's a lot worse than the crew English, it's MARKETING ENGLISH.

Dare to against the current? I thought all the fuss were
just hype until I actually saw this page!
The first time I saw this last month, I was baffled. What latest street side illegal drugs they were on when they made this, I don't know. However, taking a look at the Indonesian version, it's obvious what it means.

English translation: Dare to go against the flow?
The promotion was for those seeking to go to Jakarta for the Eid holidays when the majority of Jakartans would leave town.

I've truly lost count how many "English errors" have been made by this so-called 4-star rated flag carrier of my country, to the point where it is beyond embarrassing as an Indonesian national, so, why not keep track of the errors?

The Promo pages can be found at:

(You know I'm having an evil grin moment writing this!)

1 comment:

  1. As one of major airlines in Indonesia with international coverage and deals straightly with international customers, I found Garuda’s error in English caught my attention. “Dare to against the current” seems awkward to me. I’d rather prefer “Dare to go against the current” over “Dare to against the current”. So, before thinking about getting into SkyTeam and be one of 5-star airlines, why don’t Garuda improve their English first?