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Sunday, May 13, 2012

SSJ 100 Accident Day 3 Reflections: Recovery under way

It has been a very busy few days. I feel like  fugitive sometimes, the media is hunting me down. I must select between the ones I am comfortable talking to with, and the ones that I'm not comfortable with. Why? This thing is pretty tiring on me too!

It seems that the whole world is beginning to look for quick answers. Unfortunately, there are none!

Recovery Operations are finally in full swing on Saturday, my friend and colleague, Roland, who also lost 2 of his friends on board, has been in Halim every day since the accident. He took the following photos yesterday:

The media, covering the arrivals of the body bags.

Indonesian Red Cross Helicopter


Nasional Search And Rescue Agency BO-105


The Russians have arrived... Again
Il-76(s) carrying helicopter(s) to assist in recovery efforts

Police N-Bell 412
More and more body parts in body bags are being airlifted back to Halim Airport, for identification at the nearby National Police Hospital. I expect that Sunday, will bring good weather, so a lot more can be done as well!

Most of my friends who knew someone onboard, are beginning to settle down now, accepting the inevitable. Prayers for the departed...

All photos above by Roland Adrie

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