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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Kindergarden school bought an aircraft!

This former Bouraq/Bali Air HS748 will continue its career on the ground as a classroom and library for over 90 kids, while the cockpit will be preserved to "awe" the kids. Head of School said, "I want the kids to have an ambition on they want to become, and to see an airplane the nearest airport some distance away". According to report at ANTV, the aircraft was brought for just over US$70,000 and was trucked over from Surabaya's Juanda Airport.

What is interesting is the debt settlement case of Bouraq Air and Bali Air, both of which ceased operations in 2005, and the settlement to this date is far from over (including unpaid salaries, etc). The HS-748 was seen for a while at Jogjakarta's Adi Sucipto Airport before finally appearing in Surabaya's Juanda International Airport, along with the rest of the ex-Bouraq equipment still in dispute. However, rather than being scrapped, I find that the new role for this HS-748, is a bit more honourable as a retirement from its long flying career.

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