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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mandala is back, as a ghost of its past

Today Mandala returned to the skies. The return was celebrated in Jakarta's Terminal 3 today. While I am happy to see Mandala return, I feel something is missing... Mandala itself.

Let's look at the big board used as the stage background of the celebration. It doesn't say "return" or "comeback", but, "first flight".

"Penerbangan perdana" = maiden flight
Mandala's history seems to have been erased.
Photo by Capt D.A.
The Mandala brand itself is limited to the name only. "Book on TigerAirways.com".

As noted in the previous blog entry "Mandala returning and buries its legend", the Mandala livery is definitely gone.

The livery, Tiger Tail with Mandala titles
Photo by: Capt. D.A.

It is now confirmed that the cabin crew livery has no resemblance to the old Mandala, except for small embroidered words "Mandala".

Tiger Uniform for Mandala FAs, where are the "Mandala" lettering?
It seems that the only reason that the name Mandala is kept is for it's AOC only as the DGCA refused to accept the name change.

So, Mandala returned in name, no body, no spirit. It is a ghost remaining in this world by its AOC only. But I hope this little Tiger survive!

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